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205 - Cotswold Classics

Cotswold Classics

Four fantastic cheeses made in and around the lush countryside of the Cotswolds. Presented in a gift box.

A collection of artisan cheeses from the Cotswold countryside.

Double Gloucester (Unpasteurised Cows' Milk, Vegetarian rennet) - Made at Wick Court, Jonathan Crump uses the milk of his own herd of rare breed Gloucester cows to make this deliciously rich, traditional cheese. Double Gloucester may have got its name from the fact that it uses milk from both morning and evening milkings. It is distinct in its natural orange colour, obtained from annatto, which differentiates it from its lesser known, but equally delicious sibling, Single Gloucester.

St Eadburgha (Pasteurised Organic Cows' Milk, Traditional rennet) - Made at Gorsehill Abbey Farm, just outside Broadway on the edge of the Vale of Evesham. The cheese is named after the Saint of the Old Church in Broadway. St Eadburgha has an appealing crinkly white rind and is mild and firm when young but gradually develops more flavour and a creamier texture as it ages. The flavour is delightfully complex and robust yet with great finesse and delicacy.

Oxford Blue (Pasteurised Cows' Milk, Vegetarian rennet) - A blue cows' milk cheese, by Baron Robert Pouget, created in 1993 as an alternative to Stilton. Aromatic and gently spicy, the cheese is mellow and intensely creamy. The cheese comes wrapped in foil for freshness and to protect its soft texture.

Cerney Pyramid (Pasteurised Goats' Milk, Vegetarian rennet) - a fresh flavoured cheese that has been rolled in ash and sea salt. It is made near Cirencester.

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