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241 - Essentially English

Essentially English

A selection of larger sized pieces of some of Britains most exciting cheeses, presented in a Paxton & Whitfield gift box.

A selection of larger pieces of some of Britain's best and most exciting cheeses.

Montgomery Cheddar (Unpasteurised Cows' Milk, Traditional). Cheesemaking at the Montgomery's farm in North Cadbury, near Yeovil, is one of the very few remaining examples of how Cheddar was made in the 19th century. You should find the cheese to be full flavoured, and at 18 months of age or thereabouts, to have developed a depth and complexity of flavour which has few rivals. There are variations of taste from one day's production to the next depending mainly on the pastures the cows have been grazing and the starter culture used.

Stichelton (Unpasteurised Cows' Milk, Traditional). Joe Schneider makes this cheese on the impressive Welbeck Estate in Nottinghamshire to a recipe similar to Stilton, although it cannot use this name due to being made with unpasteurised milk. The flavour is immensely buttery with a nutty mellowness. This is due, amongst other things, to the high quality of the milk which comes from an organic farm on the same estate.

Aldwych Goat (Thermised Goats' Milk, Vegetarian). A firm textured goats' milk log with a characterful flavour. Perfect for cooking as well as enjoying as part of a cheese board. Made by Pete Humphries of Whitelake Cheese in Somerset.

St Eadburgha (Pasteurised Cows' Milk, Traditional). Made at Gorsehill Abbey Farm, just outside Broadway and on the edge of the Vale of Evesham. The cheese is named after the Saint of the old church in Broadway. St Eadburgha has an appealing crinkly white rind and is mild and firm when young but gradually develops more flavour and a creamier texture as it ages. The flavour is delightfully complex and robust yet with great finesse and delicacy.

Wensleydale (Pasteurised Cows' Milk, Vegetarian). This Wensleydale is the Special Reserve from the Hawes Creamery in the Yorkshire Dales. It has a fresh, clean, full flavour and a honeyed aftertaste.

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