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Cheeses such as Camembert. Generally, they ripened from their rinds leading to a breakdown of the interior, giving a sumptuous, creamy consistency. If the cheeses are not sold as individual units but by weight, we sell them online in multiples of 250g and will always send each cheese cut as one piece unless directed otherwise.  If you require more than one piece of the same cheese, please state this in the comments box.

All cut cheeses are cut to order and will have approximately 12 days shelf life on them. 

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Aldwych Goat

PLU: 294
A firm textured goats milk log with a clean, fresh flavour and lots of character. Perfect for cooking as well as enjoying fresh.

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Goat Veg England
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294 - Aldwych Goat


Made by one of Paxton & Whitfield's favourite cheesemakers in the heart of the Westcountry, using the unpasteurised milk from the dairy's own herd of white Saanen, brown and white Toggenburg, black and white British Alpine and Anglo-Nubian goats.
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The goats are milked twice daily with each producing about two and a half litres of milk. This milk is thermised at the dairy, a process similar to pasteurisation, and then pumped into vats where starter culture is added, and vegetarian rennet. Once formed, the curds are cut by hand and then placed into molds to drain. The cheeses are left overnight and then taken from their moulds and put in a maturation room where white fluffy penicillin moulds will form and cover the exterior of the cheeses.

Aldwych Goat is a versitile cheese. As it matures, it will ripen to become soft and creamy close to the rind, and is the perfect cheese to eat in salads or as an addition to an exciting cheeseboard. Due to its white rind, it will also grill exceptionally well and can therefore be used melted - delicious on crostini!

Aldwych Goat can only be bought from Paxton & Whitfield

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