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Cheeses such as Camembert. Generally, they ripened from their rinds leading to a breakdown of the interior, giving a sumptuous, creamy consistency. If the cheeses are not sold as individual units but by weight, we sell them online in multiples of 250g and will always send each cheese cut as one piece unless directed otherwise.  If you require more than one piece of the same cheese, please state this in the comments box.

All cut cheeses are cut to order and will have approximately 12 days shelf life on them. 

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Coeur De Neufchatel

PLU: 747
Similar to Camembert in taste and texture but richer, coarser and heart-shaped, this is the oldest cheese of Normandie

Not for export

Cow Unpasteurised Not vegPasteurised France PDO Accredited
per cheese

747 - Coeur De Neufchatel


Produced in the humid region of the Haute-Normandy, Neufchâtel cheeses are fabricated in the artisan way and can take on several forms with the most widespread being the original and surprising heart-shape, 'le coeur'. The story goes that the young women of Neufchâtel-en-Bray offered this cheese to their gallant knights during the Hundred Years War. The monks preferred to say that it represented the wings of an angel. The cheese became very popular in Paris in the early 1800s and is still well-loved today.
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The Coeur de Neufchatel has been protected as a cheese since 1977, earning it a Protected Designation of Origin (PDO).

Close relation to the Camembert cheese in its texture and taste, some people actually prefer the Neufchâtel with its coarse, earthy taste and deeper rind.

In 2006, 1532 tons of Neufchâtel cheese was produced by 23 farm producers, 4 artisan producers and 2 dairies

Product Detail

Type of Milk
Product of France
Rich and earthy
Recommended Drink
Cahors red
200 g

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