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417 - Make Your Own... Baked Mont d Or

Make Your Own... Baked Mont d Or

Everything you need to make a stunning and simple dish of baked Mont DOr

A unique gift pack that includes all the necessary ingredients to make the seasonal treat of Baked Mont D'Or, including a recipe card to explain how to make it.

The gift box includes Mont d'Or PDO 800g, a bottle of Paxton & Whitfield's Cote de Duras Blanc 75cl and Charcoal Crackers 80g. Mont d'Or is available between October and March.

Mont d'Or is characterised by fluffy white moulds, turning grey or blue with age. The cheese can pull away from the spruce bark as it ages and can be brown and even black where it has been in contact with the wood.

N.B This image does not show the Charcoal Crcakers

Not for export  PLU: 417
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