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620 - The Mighty Bite

The Mighty Bite

A collection of very tasty cheeses for those who like powerful flavours

A selection of four cheeses chosen to pack a punch and presented in a Selected For You box! The perfect present for someone who enjoys powerful flavours.

Mossfield Organic 250g ( pasteurised, vegetarian )- Rich in colour and with the full flavour of Aged Gouda, this cheese is made in Southern Ireland with organic cows milk.
Langres PDO (unpasteurised, traditional) - A rich, full flavoured cheese from the Champagne region of France
Stichelton 250g (unpasteurised, traditional) - The brainchild of Joe Schneider and Randolph Hodgson of Neals yard Dairy. A spicy and intense blue cheese made to a Stilton recipe but using unpasteurised milk.
Smoked Poacher 205g (unpasteurised, traditional) - A chedddar style cheese that has been oak smoked for 24 hours, imparting a strong smoky flavour.

Not for export  PLU: 620
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