Cheese and Accessories

Find the perfect accessory such as a fondue set, raclette grill or larder all matched with the ideal cheese.
138 - Alpine Fondue Set

Alpine Fondue Set

One of the most fun and simple ways of entertaining. An enamelled Fondue set with 500g each of Comte PDO and Gruyere PDO

One of the most fun and simple ways of entertaining, and perfect for winter evenings.

Our cast iron enamelled Alpine Fondue Set with dual fuel burner and six forks comes with two traditional Alpine melting cheeses: Comte PDO 500g - A superior example from the Gruyere family made traditionally giving a complex and fruity cheese with a supple texture. Gruyere Reserve PDO - A Swiss Gruyere made only in the Summer months. Dense in texture with a fruity, floral flavour that lingers in the mouth.

PLU: 138
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