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Cheeses that complement each other beautifully, most presented in a gift box
274 - Best Of The West

Best Of The West

A balanced collection of artisan cheeses from the lush, productive pastures of Englands West Country.

A selection of cheeses from one of the lushest areas of England.

Cornish Yarg (Pasteurised Cows' Milk, Vegetarian rennet)
Yarg is a firm textured, lightly pressed cheese, made in Cornwall to a Caerphilly style recipe. It is made in the shape of a millstone some 9 inches in diameter and 2 inches thick and is wrapped in wild nettle leaves. This attractive appearance is matched by a pleasant delicate flavour with an attractive lactic nutty creaminess.

Westcombe Cheddar PDO (Unpasteurised Cows' Milk, Traditional rennet)
Westcombe Cheddar is one of only three cheeses entitled to the Slow Food designation "Artisan Somerset Cheddar". To qualify for this the cheese must be made in Somerset using unpasteurised milk from the farms' own cows, traditional rennet and be made by hand before being matured for up to 20 months. The cheese is made near Shepton Mallet and has a complex flavour and a moister texture than some cheddars.

Cornish Blue (Pasteurised Cows' Milk, Traditional rennet)
A mild and creamy blue cheese made near Liskeard and based on a Gorgonzola recipe. This blue cheese is sweet and gentle, with a lovely creamy flavour.

Not for export  PLU: 274

Key Facts

  • Country No
  • Weight 750g

Store & Serve

  • StorageKeep refrigerated.
  • Instructions for useServe at room temperature.
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