When you think of blue cheese it's likely that our Whole Stilton, Gorgonzola or Roquefort spring to mind.


These are, indeed, wonderful cheeses and well worthy of their fine reputation. In this article, we look at different ways to enjoy these famous blues and give you some inspiration on other blue cheeses which are equally delicious. Why not try these serving suggestions to make a tasty snack, light lunch or supper?

Blue Cheese with Salad

Dice some blue cheese (any kind will be lovely though we heartily recommend a Spanish blue cheese such as Picos Blue or a British cheese such as Barkham Blue) and sprinkle over a fresh green salad.  Enjoy with crusty bread.

Delicious Barkham Blue


 Blue Cheese with Pasta

Make a simple fresh tomato pasta sauce by frying some onions in a pan with garlic. Add a handful of cherry tomatoes and a jar of passata. Chop up some basil and simmer gently for 20 minutes before blasting in a food processor. stir in some blue cheese - perhaps try the Shropshire Blue, it's the most wonderful colour and flavour - until it melts or simply crumble it over the top when you're ready to serve.

Shropshire Blue, Supreme Champion at the 2016 British Cheese Awards.


Blue Cheese Soup

Blue cheese, particularly Beauvale or Stichelton, will go well with Cauliflower or Celery soup. Make your soup and add the cheese when you blend it.

Blue Cheese and Mushrooms

Fry some button mushrooms in garlic butter and add chunks of blue cheese (try Beenleigh Blue).  Serve with crusty bread.

Blue CheeseDip

Make a delicious dip by mixing sour cream, blue cheese (try Oxford Blue), mayonnaise and lemon juice until all the ingredients are combined.  Perfect with carrot sticks, celery batons or crispbread.

Roquefort and Honey

For a light snack, add a thin slice of Roquefort to an oatcake and drizzle with good quality honey.




Stilton with Fruit

Cut a wedge of Stilton and enjoy with grapes or pears, or add to a cracker with our Confit Pear & Vanilla.

Gorgonzola Cheesecake

Gorgonzola makes an interesting addition to a cheesecake.  Make a cheesecake using cream cheese in the normal way but add a handful of Gorgonzola to taste.  Delicious, savoury flavour and perfect when finished off with a topping of walnuts.


Creamy Gorgonzola

Blue Cheese on Toast

Use your favourite blue to make cheese on toast with a twist.  Take two thick slices of bread, add some fried or grilled bacon and top with blue cheese.  Gently melt under a hot grill for 3 minutes.

Blue Cheese Combination

If you love blue cheese so much that you want more than one variety on your cheeseboard, combine Shropshire Blue and Cote Hill Blue for a wonderful pairing.

How to Cut Cheese

Read our article on How to cut Cheese.  Blue cheese tends to be medium to hard in texture so treat yourself to one of our Cheese Knife Sets to make the task easier.

Buy Cheese

Visit our Cheese Counter where you can buy cheese online, or visit your nearest Paxton & Whitfield shop to explore our full range of blue cheese.