Truffle Cheese


A decadent addition to any festive celebration, Truffle Cheese is already in high demand for Christmas. These truffled, artisan cheeses don’t need too many accompaniments; a glass of Paxton’s Champagne and our Original or Charcoal crackers are a simple, yet perfect pairing.

Our recommendations for Truffle Cheese to enjoy for Christmas 2019 are:

1.Moliterno with Truffles


Moliterno is a rich and mature, ewes’ milk cheese from Sardinia. The cheese is matured for 60 days, before the Black Truffle paste in added with a beautiful marbled effect. Moliterno is still moulded by hand in wicker baskets which form the attractive pattern on the rind.

2.Truffle Gloucester


Crafted in the Cotswolds, Truffle Gloucester cheese has a striking line of black truffle running through the middle, which allows both the cheese and the black truffle to express their natural complexities, without overpowering each other

3.Brillat Savarin Affine aux Truffes


The well-known French, triple cream cow’s milk cheese is filled with summer truffles made in Cote d'Or in the region of France. The Brillat Savarin is matured 4 weeks and is creamy and smooth; with subtle truffle aromas.

4.Make your own Truffle Brie


One of the favourites in our flagship Jermyn Street store, Truffled Brie is made by combining Brillat Savarin Affine with Minced Black Truffles and spreading this mixture within a sliced Brie de Nangis. Our gift set contains a recipe card and all the ingredients you need to make your own Brie with Truffles

5. Truffle Cheese Collection


If you’re a truffle fan, then you can combine our recommendations with our Truffle Cheese Collection for a decadent cheese board selection that’s guaranteed to impress. 


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