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An Evening of Cheese and Rosé Wine Matches

The theme of the evening was matching artisan cheeses to rosé wines. Why? Well, Hero Hirsh our head of retail explains:

“Over the years we’ve worked with Berry Bros. & Rudd on cheese and wine tastings not only as they are neighbours of ours in St. James and Royal Warrant holders, but also because they are experts in their field. Previous tastings have included cheese and Champagne matching and pairing Territorial cheeses to a selection of wine"

“As rosé wine is growing in popularity and we are coming into the Summer, we thought it would be an intriguing concept to create some interesting matches. You don’t often associate rosé as being a wine to match with cheese but as you’ll see from the six matches below, they create an engaging flavour experience. ”

The event was hosted by Hero, who spoke to invitees about the cheese, and Barbara Drew MW, from Berry Bros. & Rudd, who spoke about the wine. They formed a brilliant double act, entertaining and educating attendees on the matches.


The matches were as follows: 

Match one:

Cheese: Sujaira (£32.00/kg) (Unpasteurised, vegetarian rennet) A semi-hard, raw, goats’ milk cheese that has a pleasant balance of acidity, creaminess and bitterness. This cheese is made just south of Córdoba, Andalucia, Spain. 

Wine: 2017 Birichino, Vin Gris Rosé, California (£19.50) A fun and juicy rosé made from various southern French grape varieties including Grenache, Cinsault, and Mourvedre. Full of red berry fruit and floral notes, this is a refreshing, dry style. 

Why it worked: The sweet and salty notes of the cheese really helped to lift the fruit notes in the wine. According to Barbara “…a little salt is good for wine.” 


Match two:

Cheese: Rey Silo Massimo (£55/kg) (Unpasteurised, traditional rennet) Made in Cabo Vidio, Asturias, Spain, this semi-hard creamy textured cows’ milk cheese has an intense flavour of fresh butter. 

Wine: 2017 Bardolino Chiaretto, Monte del Frà, Veneto (£11.75) This Corvina-based blend comes from vineyards located in Sommacampagna, southeast of Lake Garda. Vivid yet delicate cherry-blossom pink in colour, it has a clean nose of red berry fruits, wildflowers and green apples, along with some subtle spicy notes. 

Why it worked: For Hero what worked well was the Caerphilly style texture of the cheese and it’s subtle sourness that married perfectly to the flavours in this Italian rosé. 

Match three:

Cheese: Fleur de Maquis (£9.75/285g) (Pasteurised, traditional rennet) This ewes’ milk cheese comes from the Bastia region of Corsica and is named after a flower that grows in the area where the cheese is produced. It is made from the milk of ewes that graze in the region and once made it is rolled in native vegetation that scents the countryside that includes thyme, juniper, berries and small chillies. The cheese has a captivating and intense flavour.

Wine: 2014 Efe Rosado, Monastrell, Bodegas los Frailes, Valencia (£10.95) Delicate orange-pink in colour, this wine is all about strawberries and cream. It has the texture and the weight to be a brilliantly food-friendly rosé. The finish is dry and moreish however with a savoury twist. 

Why it worked: This was one of Hero’s favourite matches of the evening. The rich fruitiness of the wine worked wonders when enjoyed with the mineral/herbiness of the cheese. Hero pointed out that when enjoying this match you should make sure you eat the rind of this cheese to make the most of the flavours. 


Match four:

Cheese: Ticklemore (£39.00/kg) (Pasteurised, vegetarian rennet) Ticklemore is a goats’ milk cheese made on the Sharpham Estate that overlooks the River Totnes in South Devon. The milk to make the cheese comes from Button Farm, on Dartmoor, where they have a herd of 60 goats. It has a very rich clean flavour, with fresh creamy lemon notes.

Wine: 2017 Berry Bros. & Rudd Provence Rosé by Château la Mascaronne (£14.95) This rosé has been specially blended for Berry Bros. & Rudd by Château la Mascaronne, which is based in the beautiful rolling hills of the Côtes de Provence. Juicy red berry fruits of wild strawberries and redcurrants are combined with refreshing herbal notes of lemon verbena and hints of spice. 

Why it worked: For Barbara, what worked well was the slight chalkiness and fresh flavours of the cheese that complemented the crisp, fruitiness of this rosé.

Match five:

Cheese: Cornish Kern (£31.00/kg) (Pasteurised, vegetarian rennet) Catherine Mead makes this cheese with her team at Lynher Dairy, West Cornwall. The cows’ milk used to make it comes from the dairy’s own herd and 10 other herds local to them. Cornish Kern is a Gouda style cheese that uses Alpine starters in the milk to then create a close texture and individuality. It has a buttery flavour with hints of caramel and a deep savoury aroma. 

Wine: Champagne Billecart-Salmon, Rosé, Brut (£65.00) Billecart-Salmon is one of the few remaining Champagne houses to be owned by the original family and was established in 1818 by Nicolas-François Billecart. This is a delightful rosé with a charming, fruity nose and palate with hints of roasted nuts.

Why it worked: Cornish Kern is a very special cheese, it won Supreme Champion at the World Cheese Awards 2017. You wouldn’t think of enjoying Champagne with cheese but for Hero the fudgy, sweet-nuttiness of the Cornish Kern brought out the fruit and hints of roasted nuts in the Billecart-Salmon rosé.


Match six:

Cheese: La Tur (£8.95/230g) (Pasteurised, traditional rennet) A mixture of three different milks (cows’, goats’, and sheep’s) are mixed together to make this delicious cheese. It is made in Piedmont, northern Italy. The interior has a very light and mousse-like texture that breaks down to become softer as the cheese matures. It has a mild, rich and creamy flavour.

Wine: 2017 Rosé, Flint Vineyard, Norfolk, England (£15.95) This bold and bright pink rosé is bursting with ripe strawberry, watermelon and pink grapefruit, balanced by lively acidity and fine texture. This wine is the perfect aperitif. 

Why it worked: The rich creaminess of this delicious cheese when combined with the ripe strawberry flavours of the wine created a palate full of Summer dessert flavours. Think strawberries and cream or Eton Mess. 

So, if you are looking for some delicious cheese and rosé wine to enjoy over the Summer then why not try some of the matches listed above. 

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