GB Paralympians have won the most Gold medals in 28 years so far, which is an amazing achievement.  But which British cheeses do you think would win Gold upon the world stage?

Britain certainly has a rich and diverse cheese-making industry with more than 700 home-grown varieties to try. However, we asked Clare, manager of our Stratford-upon-Avon shop, winner of Cheese Counter of the Year 2016, to recommend two cheeses from England, Scotland, Wales and Northern Ireland which are perhaps less well-known. We hope these will inspire you next time you want to buy cheese, plus they make interesting additions to cheese hampers and cheese gift sets.

Cheese from England
You're no doubt familiar with some of Britain's best-known and loved cheeses - Cheddar, Stilton, Cheshire, Stinking Bishop.  However, you might also like to try Baltic and Stichelton, two wonderful cheeses which have become firm favourites here at Paxton & Whitfield. 

Baltic - a delightfully pongy cheese made on a family farm in the Cheviot Hills. It's made by washing the rind in Liverpool's Baltic Summer Ale, creating a smooth and succulent cheese which melts on the tongue creating an amazing tangy aftertaste. You'll enjoy Baltic if you like.... a punchy cheese.

Stichelton - a distinctive blue cheese which would be a Stilton if it was made with pasteurised rather than unpasteurised milk. It's got a creamy and buttery texture and delicious, complex flavours that change with the seasons. It's made in Nottinghamshire where it is matured for almost three months before arriving in our shops

You'll enjoy Stichelton if you like.... the Paxton & Whitfield Whole Stilton.

Cheese from Wales
Golden Cenarth - hails from Carwyn Adams, family cheesemakers in Wes Wales.  It's a delicious soft cheese with a springy, supple texture and buttery flavour.

You'll enjoy Golden Cenarth if you like.... Rollright, Reblochon.

Perl Las - also produced by Carwyn Adams, means 'Blue Pearl' and is a hand-made cheese with a creamy, gently salty taste which strengthens with age. It's a cheese with an entirely unique taste - strong yet delicate, creamy with blue overtones which linger in the mouth.

You'll enjoy Perl Las if you like.... Oxford Blue.

Cheese from Ireland
Ok, the Mossfield isn't strictly a UK cheese as it's made on a 240-acre farm in Southern Ireland but it's so delicious we simply had to include it!  This Gouda-style cheese is creamy and nutty at first becoming harder and more crumbly with a more intense flavour with age.

You'll enjoy Mossfield if you like.... Aged Gouda, strong Cheddar.

Cashel Blue - a semi-soft artisan cheese created on a farm in County Tipperary. It starts as a firm textured, crumbly cheese but with ripening it takes on a soft, creamy, almost spreadable texture. As it matures, the flavour also changes, growing stronger and becoming spicier.  

You'll enjoy Cashel Blue if you like.... Cornish Blue.

Cheese from Scotland
Isle of Mull Cheddar - this cheese has a lovely deep flavour with fruity hints.  It's produced on the Isle of Mull's only dairy farm, run by the Reade family.

You'll enjoy Isle of Mull Cheddar if you like.... Lincolnshire Poacher.

Dunlop - an enjoyable mild cheese, rather like Cheddar, from Dunlop in Easy Ayrshire, soft and buttery when young going hard and fudgy with age.

You'll enjoy Dunlop if you like.... Paxton & Whitifield's Cave Aged Cheddar. You can buy all of Clare's cheese recommendations and accompaniments such as biscuits, chutneys and preserves in our on-line shop or visit your nearest Paxton & Whitfield store.