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Assembling the Perfect Cheese Board - Top 5 Tips

Choosing the perfect cheese selection for a cheese course should be an enjoyable task for cheese fans. Whether you are short on time and looking for the finest artisan cheese selection with maximum convenience, or you prefer to take time over your cheese board preparations, read our Top 5 Tips for your cheese board assembly:

1. Get the Quantities Right

Entertaining for a cheese party and not having enough cheese is every host's worst nightmare! There's a simple rule of thumb to help. We recommend 80-100g of cheese per person. If your cheese course is part of a bigger meal, then 80g per person will be plenty. However, if your cheese is the main event, then 100g per person would be ideal. Our cheeses are all delivered with at least 12 days shelf life, so if you have leftover cheese you can store it in your fridge to enjoy later, or cook it into one of our cheese recipes.    

2. Cater for your Guests' Dietary Requirements 

We offer vegetarian cheeses (made with vegetarian rennet) and even a whole cheese board selection of vegetarian cheeses. For pregnant guests or those with poor immune systems, our selection of hard cheeses in the Perfectly Pasteurised collection would be ideal. If you are also entertaining for children, try a cheese with a sweetness such as Gruyere or Comte, the fruity tones of Sparkenhoe Red Leicester, or a cheddar such as Westcombe with its round, milky sweetness.


Vegetarian Cheese Board Selection

3. Theme your Cheese Board 

We like cheese to be a talking point at any event and theming your cheese board is a great way to get the conversation flowing. We have just launched our new cheese board selections ready for the festive season and there are plenty of ready-made themes for you to choose from. From regional themes, such as our Irish Cheese Board selection, to flavour themes such as our decadent Truffle Cheese Board. If you'd like your cheese to play a bigger role in your event, you could even try our Cheese Tasting Pack. This tasting pack comes with enough cheese for 8 people, as well as informative fact sheets and tasting sheets for you to record your comments. 


Irish Cheese Board Selection

4. Creative Cheese Board Designs

One of the key cheese trends for Christmas 2019 is to create designer "cheese platters"; pre-cutting the cheese and assembling it together with crackers and accompaniments in a creative design to WOW your guests. Our cheesemongers have simplified this task for you with our three "Make Your Own" Cheese Board Selections. These kits come complete with the cheese, crackers, accompaniments and a detailed instruction card to show you how to assemble them on your board. 


Make Your Own British Cheese Board Selection

5. Have the Right Equipment

Blunt cheese knives are a guaranteed cheese course dampner. Using the right boards and knives for your cheese will enhance the whole experience. Ideally you'll need at least a knife for your hard cheese, one for your soft cheese and one for your blue cheese. Cutting the blue cheese on the board with the same knife as the softer flavour cheeses will destroy the delicate flavours. Our set of three cheese knives has been designed with this in mind.  


Set of 3 Cheese Knives