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Best Stilton for Christmas

Best Stilton for Christmas


Christmas wouldn't be Christmas without Stilton. It is still Paxton & Whitfield's best-selling cheese at Christmas time and has been for over 200 years.

Of course, Stilton can be eaten at any time of year, but did you know there is actually a reason why Stilton tastes at its best at Christmas? Stilton is a full cream cheese and so needs rich milk for the finest taste. In the UK we tend to have two rainy periods during spring and late summer. We call these the first and second flush of good grass. If the animals are eating the best food of the year, then they are going to make the best cheeses. This is the milk that goes into the Stilton which we mature for Christmas. 

Our finest English Stilton is taste-tested and specially selected by our cheese buying team for our exacting flavour profile. The texture is creamy and the flavour mellow, with a buttery richness that melts in the mouth. Our customers frequently tell us that it's the best Stilton they have ever tasted. A famous partner for port. The jammy, black fruit flavours of Paxton's Vintage port are the perfect foil for our Stilton's cream and spice.

Here is our run-down of the top 10 Stilton formats and Stilton gifts for Christmas 2020 and the difference between each. 

1. Baby Stilton 

You can order our Baby Stiltons for delivery to enjoy throughout the festive season (with free UK* delivery). You receive a whole 2.3kg of our finest English Stilton; packaged in a Paxton & Whitfield box. Depending on the size of your gathering, you could cut your Baby Stilton in half and keep one half to serve at the Christmas table; scooping directly out of the Stilton for a theatrical cheese experience. And cut into the other half whenever you would like to enjoy a slice of Stilton on your cheeseboard or for cooking. As a rough guide, a Baby Stilton provides plenty of cheese for 20 servings and once opened, can be kept for 3-4 weeks providing it is wrapped well in wax paper or clingfilm.


Buy Baby Stilton Online

2. Half Baby Stilton 

Our Paxton & Whitfield Half Baby Stilton is the perfect size for up to 10 servings. Our favourite way to enjoy it is to simply place the whole half baby on a cheeseboard in the centre of table. Then with a spoon, or our Stilton scoop, your guests can scoop their own Stilton from the centre of the cheese. Remember to take it out of the fridge an hour before you want to eat the cheese to let the full creamy Stilton flavours flourish. 


Buy Half Baby Stilton Online

3. Half Baby Stilton in Box 

If you are looking for a Stilton gift, this is a classic gift for your recipient to enjoy over the festive season. Our classic Half Baby Stilton can be purchased in a Paxton & Whitfield box with a perspex lid so that it can be used for storage once the cheese has been demolished!


Buy Half Baby Stilton in Box

3. Hand-Cut Stilton

For the finest flavour experience, our cheesemongers will hand-cut and wrap your cuts of Stilton from our whole Stilton cheeses. You can purchase this Stilton in increments of 250g in our shops and online. If you're looking for a chutney pairing, we recommend our Spiced Plum Chutney for delicious festive flavours.  


Buy hand-cut Stilton online

4. Stilton Jars 

Our Stilton Jars are iconic gifts - filled with hand-crumbled Paxton & Whitfield Stilton. When crumbled into a jar, the texture of the cheese is softer and creamier than you would expect from piece of Stilton cut from a whole cheese. Available in 250g or 500g. 


Buy Stilton Jars Online

5. Waxed Stilton 

Our miniature Stilton cheeses are cut from our specially selected Paxton & Whitfield Stilton, before being wrapped in a film and then coated in wax to maintain the quality of the cheese for longer.


Buy Waxed Stilton Online

6. Stilton & Port Hamper - "The Paxton" 

One of our most popular cheese gifts for Christmas is this perfectly paired Stilton & Port combination. Gift boxed and including a box of our Cornish Buttermilk Crackers. 

375-The-Paxton-Low-ResS0rSpHynxVTD6 Buy Stilton & Port Gifts Online

7. Stilton & Port Gift Bag - "The Charles"

New for 2020, our "Charles" gift set is a great gift for a blue cheese lover. A perfectly sized miniature Stilton for one, with a bottle of our Tawny Port and oh-so-delicious Walnut Oaties; packaged in an attractive jute gift bag. 


Buy "The Charles" Port & Stilton Gift Set Online

8. Mini Stilton Gift - "Little Box of Treats"

Our miniature Stilton is also front & centre of our best-selling Little Box of Cheese Treats gift. Even including a minature bottle of port for a delicious gift for cheese lovers. 


Buy the Little Box of Cheese Treats Online

9. Half Whole Stilton 

If you really really like Stilton, you can even order half a whole Stilton cheese from our website. This provides 3.5kg of Stilton for all of your festive requirements. 


Buy Half Whole Stilton Online

10. Whole Stilton  

And last, but not least - You can purchase our Paxton & Whitfield Stilton as a whole cheese. Ideal for chefs and large celebrations; a whole 7.5kg of finest English Stilton in one satisfyingly whole cheese. 


 Buy Whole Stilton Online

You can select your Stilton delivery dates when you go to checkout. We hope you enjoy your Paxton & Whitfield Stilton this Christmas and wish you a most wonderful time, 

Your Paxton & Whitfield team.  

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