British Cheese - Recipe Inspiration

Our cheesemongers selected our British Cheese Essentials box with your weekly cheese needs in mind. These are all artisanal examples of great British cheese staples. Seriously high quality, British cheeses, which are perfect for cooking, sandwiches, salads and snacking. Read on for 3 simply satisfying recipe ideas using the cheeses from your British Essentials Cheese Box...  


1. Cote Hill Blue Cheese & Honey Seed Salad

Cote Hill Blue Cheese is an award-winning blue cheese, made by Michael and Mary Davenport in Lincolnshire. Cote Hill Blue matures slowly, over 3 months into a soft, aromatic cheese. It has a distinctive rind and a blue veined soft, creamy texture that coats the mouth and leaves behind a buttery sweetness and subtle kick.

A delicious cheese to top your salad and perfect with our honey-coated Sunflower seeds. Take a look at our honey seed recipe to pair with your blue cheese salads. 


2. Sparkenhoe Red Leicester & Courgette Quiche

This comforting cheese & courgette quiche is perfect for a delicious family 'lockdown' mealtime. Ideally suited to a complex, hard cheese such as Sparkenhoe Red Leicester. However a full-flavoured Cheddar, Aged Gouda or Comte would be equally tasty. Take a look at the quiche recipe here.


3. Welsh Rarebit

The ultimate comfort food and a classic made with Cheddar cheese. Try our Welsh Rarebit recipe with a splash of Real Ale - make it with your earthy, creamy Westcombe Cheddar from the British Cheese Essentials box; made by Tom Calver of Westcombe Dairy in the Batcombe Vale of Somerset.


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