With British Food Fortnight about to begin it’s time to celebrate all the wonderful food this country produces - especially cheese!

Step in to any Paxton & Whitfield branch and you can sample hundreds of wonderful cheese varieties, as well as ciders, chutneys and biscuits, all of which originate here in the UK.

Whether your preference is for soft, blue or hard cheese, there’s always something new to try.  You’ll find we have dozens of wonderful cheeses with either mild or strong flavours, and varieties with interesting flavour compositions with varying depths of saltiness and nuttiness.

Cheddar and Stilton are among our most popular British cheeses and we’re very selective to ensure only the very best appear on our shelves.  Our Paxton Cave Aged Cheddar is a delight to the taste buds because it’s matured for no less than 24 months!  Our Montgomery and Westcombe Cheddars are fabulous, matured for 18 and 12 months respectively.  In fact, we’re so particular about our Montgomery and Westcombe Cheddar that we hand pick the individual batches which are to appear on our counters. 

People are often surprised at how much British produce we actually stock, with most Paxton & Whitfield shops dedicating around three quarters of the counter space to delicious cheese and accompaniments from the British Isles.

To get more inspiration on good British cheeses to try, read our article ‘Around the UK in 8 Cheeses’ and follow our British Food Fortnight cheese recommendations on Twitter where you can also find out about the artisan producers.  (Get involved in the conversation using #meetthemaker).

If you live near a Paxton & Whitfield shop, you are most welcome to speak to our expert cheesemongers about the varieties on offer, and you’ll be able to try a sample or two.

Alternatively, visit our Cut Cheese Selections on our website and take a look at The Territorials, a popular collection of well-known and loved British cheeses.  You may also like Best of the West which comprises cheeses produced in the West Country.  If you want to try something new, take a look at our New Brits selection, or for a treat from the emerald isle, try Taste of Ireland.  Browse the website and you’ll find there are plenty of inspiring Cut Cheese Selections to expand your love of great British cheese.

More about British Food Fortnight

British Food Fortnight is an initiative run by the Love British Food organisation.  Designed to tie in with harvest festival, British Food Fortnight aims to promote the appreciation of the wonderful food produced here in the UK.  According to the organisation’s website, since its launch in 2002, British Food Fortnight has become the opportunity for those who work in any aspect of food and drink, to come together and promote the benefits of buying and eating from our home produced British larder.

For more information visit www.lovebritishfood.co.uk