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Calling all Christmas staff

As the Christmas season approaches and the nation’s mind (and stomach) turns to cheese, our shops experience their busiest time of year. Temporary staff at Christmas play a crucial role in helping the shops run smoothly, and we are proud to say we have had several members returning each year. Aisling has been working with us as a Christmas temp for three years now - we asked her to recount her experience from her first year:

 “This will be my third Christmas at Paxton and Whitfield as a temp, and I love working here during the festive season. My job title the first year I was employed was ‘Baby Stilton Runner’. I believe I was the very first one. Please note the capital letters, this is a very important and official position. Our Stilton is famous throughout the country; hence it is not surprising to hear it is our best seller. We would regularly run out of it on the shop floor and my job was to shift 2kg Baby Stiltons from the fridges beneath to the shop floor above. As you can see, it was a pivotal part of the whole Christmas operation. And rightly so - who doesn’t love a good chunk of delicious tangy Stilton on a Christmas cheese board! An added bonus to the job was all the running up and down the stairs. It helped enormously with the guilt of snacking on cheese all day…

I absolutely love Christmas at Paxton and Whitfield. The bustling of the shop is motivating, and talking to customers about their Christmas plans is such a joy. And so, it is not surprising that I will be back in the cheese trenches this Christmas, albeit on the shop floor and not a runner. I wish all the best for this year’s ‘Baby Stilton Runner’: do me proud.”

If you love cheese, enjoy a traditional Christmas atmosphere (and a generous staff discount), then perhaps you would also like to consider joining the team as a Christmas Temp? Contact the shop managers, [see our job opportunities page] with your cover letter and CV.