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Cheese and Bubbles Blog

As Cheesemongers, one of our absolute favourite styles of wine to pair with cheese is... bubbles! From Champagne to Prosecco, Cava to English Sparkling - there are so many fantastic options for pairing with cheese!


Champagne & Cheese

We love pairing "Traditional Method" fizz with a whole range of different styles of cheese, it’s amazing how versatile it is! From the classic pairing of Langres (which is made in the Champagne region) to Gorwydd Caerphilly made in Somerset (best British cheese in the WORLD at the World Cheese Awards 2021) with its complementary buttery notes. While the biscuity notes of Pinot Noir predominate Champagnes, these pair perfectly with mature cheddars such as Montgomery's. 

Prosecco & Cheese

Prosecco tends to have a little more sherbet-like sweetness. It’s delicious with hard, salty Italian cheeses like Parmigiano Reggiano & Pecorino Sardo. These vibrant hard cheeses are delightful and deserve a place on your board rather than just grated over pasta! Add a little truffle honey to your cheese for an absolute treat! 

Cava & Cheese

We love pairing Cava with sheeps' milk cheeses, Manchego being the obvious choice... however we are big fans of Berkswell from the West Midlands. Cavas can classically have an almond quality which pairs beautifully with a similar nuttiness on the cheese. The little bitterness sometimes associated with Cava is balanced out by the gentle sweetness of the cheese. 

English Sparkling Wine & Cheese

Our award winning English Sparkling wine is produced in Sussex and it’s remarkable with Golden Cross goats' milk cheese. The wine and the cheese are made just up the road from each other and have a harmonious citrusy quality!

If in doubt, triple cream cheeses, like Brillat Savarin, are a sure-fire winner. The heady richness of the cheese is cut through by bubbles for an overall indulgent match and will work with pretty much any style of sparkling wine. 

Fizz with Blue Cheese

The one style of cheese we are yet to find a perfect fizz for is blues. The best we came up with was a sweeter, sparkling Asti and Gorgonzola Dolce. We’ll just have to keep trying sparkling wine with our cheese board until we find that elusive match! 

If you’d like to find out why we love pairing fizz with cheese, why not try our ‘Cheese for Fizz’ Collection


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