Cheese for Summer picnics

We love taking our cheese al fresco in the Summer. It's such a simple yet luxurious picnic item. 

Pack a fresh baguette, seasonal Summer fruits, your favourite artisan cheese and a clean knife. A bottle of wine for a celebration, or a bottle of good sparkling water. 

Position your cheese away from the direct chill of the ice blocks to bring it to a perfect temperature for your picnic. Read-on for our favourite, portable picnic cheese suggestions.


Artisan Cheese for Picnics

There's nothing worse than a squashed cheese on arrival at your picnic. Here are our top suggestions for perfectly portable, artisan picnic cheeses. 

1. Tunworth

Contained in its own wooden box, this British brie-style cheese is the ultimate easy picnic cheese. You don't even need to have a sharp knife to hand. Delicious on fresh baguette and with our Trio of Mini Confits.  


2. Brillat Savarin Aux Truffes

This decadent cheese is delivered in a rigid plastic casing which is perfect for transporting it to your picnics. If you like truffles and cream, you will love this luxurious cheese. It's very rich, so you don't need a lot - one cheese will serve four people for a picnic. 


3. Stilton Jar 250g

If you haven't got too far to carry your picnic, our Stilton Jar is an excellent choice. It even includes the clarified butter on top, which melts into the cheese as it comes up to room temperature. Serve with a Stilton Scoop to impress your picnic guests, or just with a spoon. Our 250g would be plenty for 4-6 people at a picnic. 


4. Epoisses

Not for the faint hearted, Epoisses is a full-flavoured washed rind cheese. If you have strong cheese lovers at your picnic, this is a great choice with its portable box. Be warned it will have a very strong smell in your picnic bag, so avoid if that's not for you!  


5. Smoked Ceodre

Our waxed cheeses are designed for easy portablilty. Pack them straight into your cool bag and take a sharp knife to remove the wax. 


If this has whet your appetite for a cheese picnic, take a look at our limited edition picnic cheese selection; including a Paxton & Whitfield cool bag



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