Barwheys Cheese is a Cheddar style cheese made using milk from the dairy's own pedigree Ayrshire cattle.  Once made it is matured for between eight to fourteen months to create a hard cheese with the slightest hint of crumble.  The raw milk used to make it is very rich and creates a full-bodied cheese with a smooth and complex long flavour.  It also has hints of caramel and nuts.

Ben, who grew up in Scotland and worked as a cheesemonger in Edinburgh before working for Paxton's in London, says: "I like to enjoy it with a 'wee dram' of a good single whisky and some Paxton & Whitfield Original Oaties.

In 2015 the cheese won a Gold Medal at the Royal Highland Shows and was awarded Reserve Overall Champion and Best Speciality Scottish Cheese at the Royal Highland Show.