This washed rind cheese is made by Durrus Farmhouse Cheeses located at Coomkeen, Durrus, Co. Cork, southwest Ireland. It is made using traditional cheesemaking methods and is recognized as one of the finest modern Irish farmhouse cheeses being handmade today.

Jeffa Gill, who runs the dairy, first started to make cheese in a pan on her kitchen stove at the farm in 1979. She revived the art of artisan cheesemaking in this part of Southern Ireland and today uses locally sourced milk from two local herds of Freisian cows.

Durrus has a pale coloured inside with a pinkish, yellow rind. It is a mild and creamy cheese with a deep aftertaste when young that becomes stronger and fruitier when mature. The odour of the cheese changes from mild to strong depending on maturity.

Hero says: “I’m so pleased to have this delicious cheese on the counter in time for St. Patrick’s Day. The rind has wonderful floral and herby notes when young, that become more toffee’d with age. The cheese is perfect with our Celery & Sea Salt Oaties .