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Cheese of the Month - Peralzola

Laura Toth, our Technical Manager has selected Peralzola as Cheese of the Month for June 2019. Laura says "The natural strength of this cheese is softened by the sweetness of the sheep's milk"


Acknowledged as one of Spain's finest blue cheeses, Peralzola is made in the Asturias region in Northwest Spain, where freely wandering sheep and cattle graze on the fresh verdent green grass the region is famed for.

Made by Quesos La Peral, based in the small village of La Peral; a tiny village just miles from the blue waters of the Cantabrian Sea. The village has a population of just over 200 people and Quesos La Peral is a central part of the community.

Peralzola is part of our seasonal cheese collection and only available for a limited time, so order Peralzola today if you would like to taste this Spanish award-winner.