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Cheese of the Month - Pitchfork Cheddar

We are delighted to announce our cheese of the month for August - the new, award-winning Pitchfork Cheddar.

Brothers Todd and Maugan Trethowan started making Pitchfork in late 2017. It is an unpasteurised, traditional, organic and cloth-bound West Country cheddar. Trethowan’s and Pitchfork are part of the Slow Food Artisanal Somerset Cheddar Presidium, an honour only 3 other cheddar makers in the world have been awarded with - a true testament to its quality.

Pitchfork won Best Traditional Cheddar at the 2019 British Cheese Awards in May and has been the talk of the cheese industry. 

Due to the lengthy maturing process of this new, artisan cheese, we only have a limited quantity available. Taste this exciting new cheddar on your next cheese board.