Our Monthly Cheese Society is perfect for any lover of Cheese!

A selection of 4 artisan cheeses delivered to your door each month! £35 per month including delivery. Our March selection is:  

Bix - a soft triple cream cheese, named after the village where the herd grazes in Oxfordshire.

Cote Hill Blue - a creamy blue cheese made in Lincolnshire.

Gubbeen - a semi-hard washed rind cheese with a nutty burnt caramel taste, handmade in Ireland.

Ibargui - a little know cheese made from the milk of ewes that graze the pastures of the Ossau Valley in the Pyrenees.

The ideal way to experience and enjoy new cheese at its best. If you enjoy good cheeses and want to find out more about them, join our Cheese Society or send as a gift to someone.