Our Monthly Cheese Society is perfect for any lover of Cheese!

A selection of 4 artisan cheeses delivered to your door each month! £35 per month including delivery. Our November selection is:

Brie de Meaux - the finest of all Bries from the region where Brie originated.  A full, rich flavour with a fruity mild tangy taste. 

Piave - an Italian hard, dense textured cheese with a sweet and nutty flavour which intensifies with ageing.

Ticklemore Goat - has a very rich and clean flavour with a fresh creamy lemon tang.

Bath Blue - a creamy smooth blue cheese with a herbaceous flavour.

The ideal way to experience and enjoy new cheese at its best. If you enjoy good cheeses and want to find out more about them, join our Cheese Society or send as a gift to someone.