If you’re looking for something a little different to try this weekend, then our new range of artisan creamed honeys could be the answer.

Produced in the fresh mountain air of the Ariège region of the French Pyrenees, our Creamed Honey with Walnuts and Creamed Honey with Sea Salt are exceptional honeys with incomparable flavours.  

They make a delightful addition to a cheese hamper gift, or can be paired with several cheese varieties for a delicious supper or after dinner treat.

What is creamed honey?

Our producer has a fine reputation among beekeepers, not just for pure, high quality honey, but for product innovation too.  Creamy honeys are produced by stirring and whisking the honey to incorporate air, leading to a thicker melting texture.  They are utterly delicious!

Pure honey

These honeys owe their distinctive taste and texture to the pure mountain environment where they are created among 350 – 400 hives, some of which are at an altitude of 4,920 – 5,577ft.  Locations are carefully selected to ensure they are pollution-free and give the bees access to an abundance of wild flowers, though environmental factors such as flowering intensity and weather conditions play an important role in production volume.

Once the honey has been collected from the hives, it is transferred to small drums, mixed and then put directly into jars. Unlike most mass-produced honeys, there is no further treatment, other than mixing and the addition of the natural ingredients of walnut and salt crystals.

The honey does crystallise, but this is a natural process and a guarantee that the honey has not been treated.  Only acacia honey remains liquid for any length of time.

Pairing honey with cheese

The sweetness of honey makes it a delicious accompaniment to a salty, nutty cheese.  We think these creamy honeys taste sensational when drizzled over a hard ewe’s milk cheese, such as Berkswell or Manchego, or a salty blue such as Roquefort.

Pick the perfect treat

If you love honey you can buy Creamed Honey with Walnuts and Creamed Honey with Sea Salt from our online store - we’ll deliver direct to your home.  You may also like to include in a cheese gift or cheese hamper for someone special.

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