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Cutting & Serving our Cheddar Truckle - Clothbound Cheddar

Our Westcountry cheddar truckles are an all year round staple for cheddar cheese lovers and make a great gift idea. In this video, Hero demonstrates how to remove the cloth from the clothbound cheddar and how to cut and serve this delicious PDO cheese.


Our clothbound Cheddar Truckles are a favourite for dinner parties. Keep your cheddar wrapped in waxed paper for storage rather than cling film to help stop it drying out, without holding in too much moisture. 

If you have excess cheddar, it is possible to freeze it. When freezing, you should grate hard cheeses into a freezer bag and freeze flat. You can then add that directly into a cheese sauce or into a scone mix. You get the most amazing pockets of molten cheese in a cheese scone when you add frozen cheese into the mix (see our cheese scone recipe!).  


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