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Delicious cheese gifts from Paxton & Whitfield

There are so many wonderful cheeses to try that it can be a real treat to be given a new variety as a gift. 

Because our artisan cheeses are among the finest in the world, they make the perfect present, whether you’re hunting for a loved one’s birthday or getting ahead with your Christmas shopping.

Take a look at our Cheese Gifts section for lots of inspirational ideas.  Each gift pack has been carefully compiled by our team of expert cheesemongers, and many are beautifully presented in Paxton & Whitfield gift boxes, so they truly look the part.  Here you can find selections of the finest British and Continental cheese or our carefully combined cheese and biscuits or cheese and wine combinations.

Some of our favourite cheese gifts

Cheese selections


Paxton’s Cheese Collection is, of course, top of the list!  It contains six lovely artisan cheeses along with our mouth-watering ale chutney and our Biscuits for Cheese selection. 


The Big Cheeses makes an impressive gift, featuring the Baby Stilton PDO, the Cheddar Truckle and the Whole Brie de Melun PDO. 


The Stilton Lovers Selection includes our A-grade stilton, a stylish stainless steel stilton scoop, Original Oaties and Tawny Port.

Interactive cheese gifts

As well as delicious cheese selections, you can make your gift interactive by choosing our Make Your Own Baked Camembert set or the Make Your Own Drunked Fourme d’Ambert


Or the Raclette with Raclette Grill is an utterly delightful way to enjoy cooked cheese.

Mouth-watering accompaniments

We have a lovely selection of accompaniments which can be enjoyed with cheese.



Our Sweet Preserves Trio includes Elderflower and Gooseberry Jam; Blackcurrant Jam and Seville Orange Marmalade while the Savoury Preserves Trio combines Spiced Plum Chutney, Wholegrain Mustard and Really Proper Piccalilli.

Cheese and a tipple

Our wine and ale selections match their cheeses to perfection.  Try the Cheddar and Ale cheese gift or the Naturally Delicious port and Stilton pairing.

Browse all Cheese Gifts at Paxton & Whitfield or view our Cheese Hampers for alternative cheese gift ideas.