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Easter Cheese... for your Hot Cross Buns

Cheese for your Easter Hot Cross Bun

There is no debate in our minds that cheese is a perfect partner for your hot cross bun, the question is merely which cheese to choose this Easter?

Let's start with the bun. A high fruit content is a good choice to make the most of that classic salty/sweet combination... freshly baked by our local baker would be our preference. Lightly grilled for a touch of crunch and comforting warmth and topped with a slightly salted, softened farmhouse butter to melt into the crumb.

A classic choice and definitely a good start would be a British territorial cheese. Try the crumbly, citrussy Gorwydd Caerphilly, or Westcombe Cheddar with its earthy notes of hazelnut and caramel. Soft cheese lovers should try a piece of creamy Tunworth; grilled on the top for baked cheese bun wow factor, or for that fresh spring flavour, a slice of velvety Golden Cross goats' cheese and a drizzle of Acacia Honey.

We would love to see your cheesy hot cross bun photos and hear about your chosen flavour combinations for Easter pairings. Share them @paxtonscheese on Instagram, Facebook or Twitter, or email them to


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