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Goats Cheese and Red Pepper Salad


(serves 4)
  • 4 slices of Ragstone cheese, 1/2 inch thick 
  • 12 pieces of roasted red pepper mixed with rocket, endive, chicory  
  • French bread for croutes 
  • 12 cherry vine tomatoes for confit 
  • Mediterranean herb olive oil
  • fresh herbs
  • chopped 4tbsp chopped parsley freshly
  • 2 aubergines


  1. Slice French bread and bake in oven 5 - 10 minutes to make croutes.
  2. Slice aubergine, dust with salt and sugar, wash dry and deep fry in hot oil.
  3. Slice and roast peppers in oven in Mediterranean olive oil and rock salt until tender.
  4. Roast tomatoes in olive oil, sugar, salt, basil and thyme for 5 - 10 minutes.
  5. Season leaves with olive oil, salt and pepper, arrange on plates.
  6. Place peppers (warm on top), then croutes and confit tomatoes.
  7. Heat goats cheese gently through in oven until soft.
  8. Drizzle basil oil around the edge.
  9. Place deep-fried aubergines on top with chopped fresh herbs