Cheese is growing in popularity as an alternative fruit wedding cake.  For many people, the vaied flavours of a cheese wedding cake make an interesting savoury end to the wedding breakfast or evening buffet.  But with so many amazing cheeses available, it can be difficult to narrow down your favourites to create a cake which really will suit everyone in your party.  That's why, as specialists in celebration cheese cakes, we are only too pleased to help.


In this article we help guide you through the process of creating the perfect cheese wedding cake.

Choosing the perfect cheese wedding cake

Of course, a cheese wedding cake can be tiered in just the same way as a fruit cake with small cheeses at the top ranging to larger individual cheeses or cheese selections lower down,  We frequently make cheese wedding cakes which are anything from two to five tiers high, and they look superb as a table centrepiece and focal point in your room.

Once you know how large your cheese wedding cake needs to be, you can browse our range of specially prepared cheese wedding cakes on our website, each of which is made using the finest artisan cheeses from the UK and abroad.

Our selections provide the perfect balance of flavours and textures and will make a truly special and memorable treat for your guests.  You will see we have fabulous selections of tiered cheese cakes such as The Charlotte through to larger options such as La Manche.  We also offer a beautiful Cheese Centrepiece option for smaller events.



Creating Your Own

If you would prefer to create your own cheese wedding cake, there are a number of approaches you can take.

If you are a fan of cheese and know exactly what you like and what you don't, you and your partner can simply pick your favourite cheeses to share with your guests.  This brings a delightful personal touch to the wedding breakfast which your guests will no doubt appreciate.

Alternatively, you could make your cake using a variety of cheeses by simply selecting your favourites from the Blue, Hard, Soft and Washed Rind Cheese categories, or you could theme your selection.  For example, you could have a whole cheese wedding cake made from the best of British or French cheese.

You will need to bear in mind the number of tiers you wish to create as the higher the cake the more substantial the base and lower tiers need to be.  Hard cheeses make the perfect base because they can support the weight above, plus they are often produced iin large rounds so they look fabulous too.

For the upper layers you can mix up cheese types, making your cake using blue cheeses (like Stilton) as well as crumbly cheeses like Wensleydale Special Reserve in order to mix up the texture.  small, soft cheeses like Brie de Melun and goat's cheese tend to be smaller and more delicate, so are perfect for the top.

This variety means your cake will comprise different tastes and textures, so you are likely to be able to offer your guests traditional favourites as well as something unusual which they may not have tried before.

How Much Cheese to Use

If your cheese is going to be served at the end of your wedding breakfast or buffet, we recommend you allow about 50g per person.  If your cheese cake is the main part of your wedding meal you will need to cater for up to 100g per person.

Decorating Your Cake

When you have bought the cheese for your wedding you will need to give consideration to its presentation.

Choose a cheese board or platter which is the right size and shape for your chosen cheese.  Slate is a very modern option - our Slate Board Medium and Slate Board Heart are particularly popular choices for weddings, as are our Mango Wood Boards, available in small and medium.

When it comes to decoration, most of our customers use a selection of their wedding flowers to decorate the cake, perfectly linking the cheese to their overall style and colour theme.  You may need your florist to create an arrangement especially for your cake or you may be able to create the decoration yourself - a simple flower at the top of your cake and a scattering of petals at the base can look fabulous.

Alternatively, you could use fruits such as figs and grapes or dried fruit and nuts to decorate your cake.

The Logistics

We appreciate that your cheese wedding cake is just one of the many things which need to be organised for the big day.  So, we recommend ordering your cheese to arrive no less than 48 hours before the wedding.

When ordering cheese from Paxton & Whitfield, it will be delivered in a box and packaging which can be left intact in the refrigerator until it is ready to be displayed.  Unless it is a hot day your cheese cake can be set out before the wedding breakfast.  Of course, try to avoid placing it in direct sunlight and cover it with a clean, damp cloth to avoid it drying out.

Any cheese left over from your wedding breakfast can be re-packaged and stored in the refrigerator.

What To Do Next

Our expert cheesemongers are always available to provide tailored advice and assistance.  You can, of course, order samples of any cheese in our great range.  However, many couples book a private consultation in our shops and spend a very enjoyable couple of hours with our cheesemongers, tasting the cheese and choosing their favourites.

Browse Cheese Wedding Cakes at Paxton & Whitfield or get in touch to book a consultation or discuss your requirements iin further detail.