How to choose the right cheese knife for your cheese

In this article, we look at the different cheese knives which are available and explain which cheese they are designed for. 

Why use a cheese knife?

Of course, you don’t have to have the right cheese knife to enjoy cheese. However, cheese is such a delight to the senses that it makes for a more interesting experience if you serve it on a good quality cheese board or cheese platter and with the right knife. It’s also good to know how to cut cheese so that your cheeseboard selection is easy for everyone to enjoy.

Cheese knives explained

Soft cheese knives

Perfect for Christmas cheese favourites such as: Brie De Meaux, Camembert De Normandie and Aldwych Goat

A soft cheese knife will be short, often with a curved blade and tines at the end for picking up the cut cheese. Often, soft cheese knives have little holes along the blade which reduce friction, helping to cut through particularly sticky soft cheeses. Try our soft cheese knives. 


Hard cheese knives

Perfect for Christmas cheese favourites such as: Paxton’s Cave Aged Cheddar, Parmigiano Reggiano and Red Leicester

A traditional hard cheese knife will resemble a small hatchet, with a thick, almost straight blade, enabling you to slice through the cheese without having to ‘saw’.  Try the Paxton Cheese Hatchet and Cheese Blade.



A note about Stilton

If you’re serving a whole Stilton wheel you can forget about knives altogether and instead use a long-handled Stilton Scoop.  You scrape the scoop within the cheese to extract a portion and simply work your way from the centre to the outside of the cheese. Try Paxton's Stilton Scoop.


Quality Cheese Knife Sets

Investing in a cheese knife set will mean you always have the right tools to hand  It’s also a great present for a food lover. Paxton's Set of 3 Cheese Knives is beautifully crafted and contains a hatchet, a hard cheese and a soft cheese knife. 



Alternatively, there is the 7-Piece Cheese Knife Set (in wood or pearlescent finish), the crème de la crème of cheese knife sets, beautifully made and delivered in a delightful wooden presentation case. 

Browse cheese knives and cheese knife sets at Paxton & Whitfield.  Find out how to cut cheese.

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