When you think of cooking cheese, Halloumi is usually one of the first varieties to spring to mind.  The texture of Halloumi means it’s perfect for the barbeque and grill, plus its saltiness makes it a delicious accompaniment to a whole range of meat and vegetables.


How to cook Halloumi

Cooking Halloumi is simple. As a hard cheese which retains its consistency and doesn’t melt when cooked, you can place it directly onto your barbeque or under a high heat on your grill. Some people like to cook Halloumi until it’s crispy all over while others prefer a lighter touch, try it in a variety of ways to see which you prefer.

Once cooked, there are lots of ways to enjoy Halloumi

  • Place strips of cooked Halloumi in pitta bread and add Paxton & Whitfield Really Proper Piccalilli or Sweet Cucumber Pickle, crunchy lettuce, tomatoes and red onions for a tasty lunch or light evening meal. 
  • Cube cooked Halloumi and add to a mixed salad. 
  • Cut uncooked Halloumi into chunks and mix with a selection of fresh vegetables such as courgettes, red onions and peppers. Cover with olive oil, a little lemon juice and some seasoning and barbeque in a foil tray or roast in your oven for 25 – 30 minutes. This is a fabulous accompaniment to simple, grilled meat and fish. 
  • Wrap chunks of Halloumi in bacon and cook on the grill. 
  • Add chunks of Halloumi to meat or vegetable kebabs. 

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More cheesy ideas for the barbeque

If you’re keen to explore good alternatives to Camembert, try Tunworth, an English cheese which is similar in consistency to Camembert but with a distinctly nutty, mushroomy flavour.  The Celtic Soft is a delightful, creamy melt-in-the-mouth cheese which we would also recommend you try.

Most people think of a gooey cooked Camembert de Normandie at Christmas-time, but it’s great for barbeques too.  You’ll need to cook in a ceramic Camembert Baker otherwise this amazingly moreish cheese will simply melt all over your barbeque or grill.  (Always choose a Camembert de Normandie rather than a cheese labelled simply ‘Camembert’ to ensure you’re enjoying a true artisan version of this sensational cheese.)


The right tools for the job

Specially designed cheese knives will help you cut your cheese with ease.  We have a fabulous selection of colourful quality cheese knives which are ideal for relaxed, informal outdoor dining.  We also have a range of beautiful cheese knife sets which contain knives specifically designed to cut soft, medium and hard cheeses.

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We hope you enjoy exploring new cheeses and traditional favourites this summer.  If you would like further information or advice, please visit the Cheese Counter on our website.  You’ll also find a selection of delicious cheese-themed recipes on our blog.