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Make a Drunken Fourme d'Ambert

Recipe: Drunken Fourme d'Ambert

Fourme d’Ambert is a tall, cylindrical cheese from the Auvergne region. Its soft, salty flavour is a perfect partner for sweeter wines, such as our Monbazillac; a dessert wine from the Dordogne.


This traditional French recipe enables you to combine these two delicious ingredients, creating a stunning addition to your cheese board.  We would recommend using 125ml of Monbazillac (quarter of the bottle) per kilogram of cheese.

Soaking your Fourme d'Ambert

  • Using a skewer, make about a dozen holes in the cut surface of the cheese, leaving about 1cm untouched around the rind.

  • Place the Fourme d’Ambert cut side up into a sealable plastic bag and secure the bag around the cheese with an elastic band, or a piece of string tied tightly just below the cut surface of the cheese.

  • Add the Monbazillac 1 tablespoon at a time, leaving 5 minutes between each spoonful for the cheese to slowly absorb the wine.

  • When all the wine is absorbed, seal the bag, place it into a bowl and refrigerate.

The wine takes about 5 days to infuse the cheese, which should be turned daily to ensure even distribution of the liquid. After this time, the cheese is ready to enjoy!

Of course, as a quicker alternative, you can simply accompany a piece of unadulterated Fourme d’Ambert with a glass of chilled Monbazillac.



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