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Mastering Cheese - Get certified through the Academy of Cheese

Calling all Cheese fantastics!


If you've ever had the desire to cement your passion for cheese and prove your worth as a curd nerd, here is the perfect opportunity. Who knows, if desired it could even lead to a job in the cheese industry!

Created by the Academy of Cheese, a Not for Profit organisation comprising a group of Industry Representatives, there is now a cheese training programme with four levels, beginning with the Cheese Associate and culminating in the Master of Cheese. It provides a training and examination programme to promote cheese knowledge in the wider public and career development within the industry!

Set along the same path as the globally recognised Wines and Spirits Educating Trust (WSET) in both structure and governance the Academy is led by trustees representing the whole industry, independent of any one company or organisation. The Academy's long-term objective is to promote cheese quality, provenance and range to a wide audience of enthusiasts, cheesemongers, producers and chefs and to ensure a greater respect for those who have undertaken the courses.

Level One, Cheese Associate, is designed to appeal to anyone with a personal or professional interest in cheese. You will:

  • Learn to taste like a pro; discover a structured approach to tasting and be introduced to a range of tools for effectively communicating about cheese.
  • Improve your knowledge; learn how cheese is made, how to assess quality, develop an understanding of the provenance and range of cheese available.

Paxton & Whitfield are proud to be one of the first Academy of Cheese accredited training providers.

Take a look at the most recent Academy of Cheese available course dates here

At 93 Jermyn Street, London, SW1Y 6JE.

The course costs £195 and can be booked by emailing,uk