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Maturing Stilton for Christmas


Our artisan cheese makers at Cropwell Bishop have already started making the Stilton that you’ll be eating this festive season. Our specially selected, house Stilton matures for 12 weeks, to be perfectly aged in time for Christmas. The process of making it has changed little since the 17th Century.

Week 1


Our Stilton is made by artisan cheese makers, using the finest Peak District milk - a perfect blend of morning and evening milk. The first step is to add the Rennet and starter cultures to the milk, along with the blue mould spores. The cheese is then developed by hand for five days, until it’s moved to the ripening rooms.

Week 5

After five weeks, the cheese makers pierce the cheeses with stainless steel needles, to enable the classic blue mould to develop its classic veiny appearance.

Week 6

This piercing process is repeated a week later and our Stilton is left to mature for a further 12 weeks.

Week 18

Time for delivery to our stores! The finished Stilton wheels are packaged and sent in a chilled delivery to our cheese maturation hub in Bourton-on-the-water. It's then distributed to our Jermyn Street and Cale Street stores in London, and to our stores in Bath and Stratford-Upon-Avon. 

The finished Stilton texture is creamy and the flavour mellow. There’s a buttery richness that melts in the mouth. Stilton in prime condition has a grey, wrinkly crust and the inside should be creamy yellow with an even spread of blue-green veins.