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Meet the Maker - Baronet Cheese

Paxton & Whitfield’s Managing Director, Ros first tasted Baronet on a Farmers’ market stall in Bath and she has helped support the development of the cheese ever since.

A creamy, washed-rind cheese, Baronet is made by Julianna Sedli of The Old Cheese Room, based on the Neston Park Estate in Wiltshire. The milk used to make Baronet comes from the Jersey cows on the Neston Park Farm which are organically reared and accredited. Cheesemaking starts as soon as the milking is finished so that the milk is as fresh as can be.

The recipe is loosely based in that of a Reblochon, a French cheese from the Savoie, and the cheese is washed in brine to create a distinctive sticky orange rind. The result is a washed rind cheese that rivals its Alpine cousins .with a rich, full-bodied flavour. 

Read on for Julianna's answers to our bite-size questions...


How would you describe Baronet in 3 words?

Buttery, rich & Reblochonesque.

What would you eat with Baronet?

It`s lovely with neutral crackers, a slice of sourdough or baguette. Peanut butter or pistachio spread is a great complement when it's toasted or grilled.

What would you drink with Baronet?

White wine: Furmint, Puligny Montrachet, Chablis, Rose wine: Rose Franciacorta. Red wine: Pinot Noir, Bordeaux and all the italian Puglia wines like: Negroamaro, Primitivo or Kadarka, Kekfarnkos from Hungarian land. Bourbon or Old Fashioned are delicious while you snacking on Baronet. A lovely Ale equally goes well - like Paxton & Whitfield's No. 93 Ale, or Innis & Gunn Barrel Aged The Original.

Best time of the day to eat Baronet?

We enjoy snacking on it on its own before our dinner, also great on a cheeseboard. Delicious in lunchtime toasties, grilled sandwiches or part of a dish.

Tell us a fun fact about Baronet?

It`s an aristocrat of cheeses, named after a Baronet - I didn't know the meaning of Bt after Sir James Fuller's name when I signed my lease - asked him about it and he said it stood for British Telecom. When I Googled it, I found out about his Baronetage of Neston Park Estate where the cheese is being made. 



Julianna describes her cheese as "deliciously gooey - bringing you the taste of the Neston Park pastures and a whole farmyard experience on the palate"

You can order Baronet cheese online or visit one of our cheese shops

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