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Meet the Maker- Blue Sky Halloumi-style Cheese

 A New British, Artisan Halloumi-Style Cheese

We caught up with the cheesemaking couple behind our new Halloumi-style cheese 'Blue Sky'.

Becky and Jeremy Cooper create this artisan, handmade cheese from their dairy in the beautiful Lincolnshire Wolds. Read on to learn more about the story of this exciting newcomer to the Paxton & Whitfield cheese range... 


How would you describe Blue Sky Halloumi Style Cheese in 3 words?

Buttery, sweet & moreish

What would you pair Blue Sky Halloumi Cheese with (i.e food and drink)?

A crisp fresh salad with a sweet dressing and roasted piccolo tomatoes. (See Paxton's Halloumi salad recipe here!)


Tell us a fun fact about Blue Sky Halloumi Cheese?

The name Blue Sky was suggested by a friend who thought our approach to farming was fresh and different, therefore ‘blue Sky thinking‘ seemed appropriate.

What inspired you to make Halloumi specifically?

We were experimenting with different styles of cheese, neither of us thought we especially liked halloumi, but we both loved our first batch! After handing samples out to neighbours, friends and anyone else who happened to visit the farm we decided the positive feedback was reassuring enough for us to start production.

When you aren’t eating your own cheese, which is your favourite British cheese to enjoy?

We like to try new cheeses so often get a selection from our local cheese shop. Flower Marie is our current favourite.


Buy Blue Sky Halloumi 

Blue Sky make their Halloumi-style from Zwartble ewes' milk, which has a high butter fat content and produces a creamy, flavourful cheese. The texture has a wonderful softness in the centre, which crisps up beautifully when cooked. You can buy Blue Sky in our cheese shops and from our online cheese counter.