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Meet the Maker - Cashel Blue Cheese


We caught up with Sarah Furno - joint owner and Cheese Maturer at Cashel Irish Farmhouse Cheesemakers in Co. Tipperary, Ireland. We've been working with the cheesemakers of Cashel Blue for over 30 years and highly admire their consistency in creating delicious, artisan cheese and their incredible accomplishments within Irish cheesemaking.

Read on for Sarah's answers to our bite-size questions around our Irish cheeseboard must-have - Cashel Blue.  

How would you describe Cashel Blue in 3 words?

Balanced, approachable and Irish

What would you eat with Cashel Blue?

Nothing too strong, she's a gentlish blue. Try with caramelised cox's apples, a touch of onion marmalade or quince jelly. Also excellent with black pudding or in a salad with walnuts and caramelised apples. 


What would you drink with Cashel Blue?

For St Patrick's a porter of course, we love the velvety smoothness of a port with a touch of sweetness with our round blue, very comforting. Alternatives include a desert wine such as St Croix du Mont, a glass of pear juice also is excellent.

Best time of day to eat Cashel Blue?

Any time, in an omelette or quesadilla for breakfast, a salad for lunch and for dinner with roast pumpkin and bacon, and why not simply while chatting with friends....

Tell us a fun fact about Cashel Blue?

There are so many.... when my Mum (Jane Grubb), came up with the recipe for Cashel Blue in the kitchen, back in the early 80's she left the first wheels to mature in the earthen floor cellar under the farmhouse, we were warned the mould in time might damage the structure of the house!

For many years encouraging local Irish voices, who were happy to see a handmade Irish product garner attention would write out of concern for us, to tell us our cheese had gone blue. 

On another note there was many a time in the 1990's when a Cashel Blue was smuggled into the U.S for The Saint Patrick's banquets in The White House!