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Meet the Maker - Pennard Ridge Cheese

Paxton & Whitfield’s Bath shop began selling Pennard Ridge locally in 2008 and it was so popular with cheesemongers and customers, that it was quickly rolled out across Paxton’s other shops and in our online cheese range

The cheese is made by long-term friends Anita Robinson and Philip Rainbow and their herd of goats (including "Betty the goat" pictured). We caught up with Anita and Philip and asked them our bite-sized questions about their delicious Pennard Ridge... 


How would you describe Pennard Ridge in 3 words?

Nutty, smooth & distinctive.

What would you eat with Pennard Ridge?

Pennard Ridge is a lovely fresh tasting cheese so you don’t want anything that would overwhelm it too much. Our favourite way (but by no means the only way!) is to eat Pennard Ridge with some fresh, crusty sour dough bread. Have some olives, tomatoes and cucumber on the side or celery and grapes if you prefer.

It also works really well chopped or crumbled into salads with an olive oil and balsamic dressing.

What would you drink with Pennard Ridge?

As we’re in Somerset we think the best drink to have with Pennard Ridge would be a cool crisp cider, nothing too sweet. However, a cool Pinot Grigio or Sauvignon Blanc also works really well. 

Best time of the day to eat Pennard Ridge?

Pennard Ridge is versatile enough to be eaten at any meal. it has a clean, light flavour that would sit well as a breakfast cheese, can be crumbled into salads, incorporated onto a grazing board with charcuterie, olives, sundried tomatoes , or cooked in simple savoury tarts with courgettes or leeks for a tasty lunch. In the evening, adding a slice of Pennard Ridge to the cheeseboard would be a great way to finish the meal.

Tell us a fun fact about Pennard Ridge?

The dairy has amazing views all around as it sits on a geographical ridge called ‘Pennard Ridge’, this is where the cheese name derived from.

This cheese is loosely made on a caerphilly recipe and is quite labour intensive to make, so not always the most ‘fun’ cheese to make if you’re feeling a bit weak and wobbly!!!! But once it’s in the moulds and on the press there’s a great sense of satisfaction.


Buy Pennard Ridge Cheese

Pennard Ridge is made using a Caerphilly recipe; giving it an open texture with a slightly younger, fresher flavour. A hard goats' milk cheese which is versatile for your cheeseboards and cooking. You can buy Pennard Ridge in our cheese shops and with our online cheese delivery service.


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