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Montgomery's Cheddar & Mustard Parcels Recipe

We have created a delicious recipe using one of our best-selling cheeses; Montgomery's Cheddar. Whether you're looking to make a tasty afternoon snack, or mouth-watering canapés for a dinner party, read on to find out how to make our divine Cheddar & Mustard Parcels. 


50g Unsalted Butter
200g Floury Potatoes
1 Large Onion finely chopped
1 Large Garlic Clove
2 Tsp Wholegrain Mustard
1 Tsp Dijon Mustard
150g Montgomery's Cheddar (grated)
2 Tsp Fresh Thyme (finely chopped)
1 Pack Puff Pastry 320g
1 Medium Egg
Salt & Pepper to taste

Makes 6-8 parcels


1) Preheat the oven the 200 degrees C.

2) Cut the potatoes in half and boil in salted water until soft. Drain and allow to cool before mashing.

3) Over a low/medium heat, sauté the onions in the butter until soft and transparent, and allow to cool.

4) Tip the mashed potatoes and onion into a large bowl and add both mustards, garlic, thyme and the grated Montgomery's Cheddar. Mix well and add salt & pepper to taste.

5) Divide puff pastry sheets into squares (roughly 8cm square) and place them on a baking tray.

6) Add a spoonful of mix onto one side of the pastry leaving a gap around it to seal the parcel.

7) Beat the egg using a fork and brush around the edges of the pastry, fold over the parcel corner to corner, and seal edges with a fork.

8) Add steam holes into the top of the pastry, and glaze with beaten egg.

9) Place in the oven for approx. 20 minutes or until golden brown.

10) Serve and enjoy!



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