It’s not always easy to know what to buy friends and family for Christmas.  You want to find something that they are going to like and use, not be put away in a cupboard and never seen again. 

Fortunately, Christmas at Paxton & Whitfield began many months ago, so our shops and online store are packed with seasonal goodies which make perfect presents.  Our Christmas Cheese Hampers and Christmas Cheese Gifts will bring a smile to the face of anyone who loves artisan cheese.  Or you can give them a year’s worth of pleasure with membership of our exclusive Paxton & Whitfield Cheese Society.

Christmas Cheese Gifts

Grape Scissors

These grape scissors are a striking accessory and talking point for any formal dining occasion.  The sort of treat which makes a memorable gift. 

Cheese Knives

The Paxton Soft Cheese Knife has been specifically designed for soft cheeses, ensuring that even the stickiest brie can be tackled.


Book of Cheese Tips

Learn everything you need to know about how to cook, slice, store and serve cheese with this lovely gift book.

Christmas Cheese Hampers

Present a box of delights to savour at leisure with one of our famous cheese hampers.  We have cheese hampers to suit all tastes and all budgets – from the Classic Trio £24 to The Mayfair £500

Stocking Fillers

We’ve got a great selection of Slate Cheese Markers and cheese-themed stocking fillers.

Rotary Grater

Perfect for parmesan.


Stilton Waxed mini

We have lots of small cheeses which make great stocking fillers – and the Stilton Waxed Mini is among the most popular – delicious!


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