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Planning a Cheese Wedding Cake

What is a Cheese Wedding Cake?

A cheese wedding cake is essentially a tower of cheese - made up from whole cheeses, which are stacked with the largest cheese at the bottom to resemble the appearance of a traditional tiered wedding cake. 

Many couples that we speak to are choosing to replace the traditional evening buffet with a cheese wedding cake; accompanied with crackers & chutneys for a perfect evening feast.

Why Choose a Cheese Wedding Cake?

There are many benefits to choosing a tiered cheese cake over the sugary variety. From a purely practical perspective, the cost per head of your cheese course/buffet will be significantly less than most caterer charges. You can also select each cheese to make the cake unique to you and have a beautiful, bespoke creation.

If you’re having a dessert course and following this with a traditional, sweet cake, many guests will have satisfied their sweet tooth and the cake can go uneaten. Cheese has endless nibble appeal and will last past your wedding if you don’t get through it all in one sitting. Plus, after a few drinks, cheese tends to go down much better than cake.

We talk to Annie, our London Manager for her advice on planning, serving and eating your cheese wedding cake...


How big should my wedding cheese cake be?

I recommend between 80 – 100g per person for a cheese wedding cake. If you’re planning the cake as the main event for the evening buffet, then 100g accompanied with crackers & accompaniments would be ideal. If the cheese cake is part of a larger meal or buffet, 80g per guest is a good rule of thumb.

How do I choose the best cheese for my cheese wedding cake?

We offer a selection of thoughtfully selected tiered cheese cakes online. Each one states how many people it serves and confirms the base cheese measurement - An easy option when you may have had enough of wedding planning!

If you’re looking for something a little more personal, we create bespoke cheese cakes from your own favourite cheeses. The best place to start is to think about how many people you’re serving, whether the cake is being served as a cheese course, or part of a larger buffet and, of course, what your favourite cheeses are.

Where possible, we’ll try to fit all your favourites into one cake. However, a lot of artisan cheeses are handmade in one size only, so we have to be a little bit flexible in how and where we can put your chosen cheese in a cake. For example, Comte (one of my favourites) is only made in 45kg wheels; a tad large for a wedding cake perhaps!

As a general rule, I’d suggest including a hard, soft, blue and goat/sheep’s milk cheese in your cake. With a little of everything, you’re bound to keep most people happy at the table! It’s best to start with a hard cheese at the bottom of your cake and, as you work up through the tiers, the cheeses can get softer; finishing on top with a soft or fresh smaller cheese.


What are the most popular cheeses for cheese cakes?

Cheddar is a general crowd pleaser and makes a good solid base for your cake. I’d personally recommend a base of Lincolnshire Poacher - our Poacher is a vintage variety, matured for 18-22 months with a distinctive fruity and nutty taste and a clean sweet finish. It also has a beautiful speckled rind which makes for an attractive cake. A Quickes Cheddar Truckle is another visually appealing cheese - we've used this as a base for our new Cheese Cake for Thirty Guests


I would always add a layer of blue - a favourite of mine is Stichelton; a Stilton style, unpasteurised blue cheese with buttery, savoury and milky sweet flavours. If you only want a small bit of blue in your cake, cheeses such as Barkham Blue or Cote Hill Blue are slightly smaller, whole cheeses and both equally delicious.

Finally, for a soft cheese, I like adding Rollright to cakes – an artisan, washed rind cheese with a semi-soft, buttery texture & a blushing orange rind - savoury and rich in flavour. Heart shaped cheeses can be a cute addition to the top of your cake, a Coeur De Neufchatel is a soft, brie style, French, heart-shaped cheese.

When should I order my cheese wedding cake for the cheese to be in perfect condition?

You can order your cheese wedding cake as far as a year in advance and relax that it’s ticked off your wedding check list. We would recommend that the latest delivery date you should select is 2 working days before your wedding, just in case there is any unforeseen issue with the courier service. The parcel will need to be opened and the cheese kept refrigerated.

We like to ask for a minimum or 2 weeks before the event so that we can guarantee we have all the cheeses in stock. You can select your exact delivery date for your cheese cake when you place your order online and in-store. 

Do I need to place anything between the cheese wedding cake tiers?

If you place cheeses within the cake in a hard to soft basis, you don’t necessarily need anything placed between them. However, some larger, softer cheeses may need support if having cheeses placed on top. Cake dowels that you would use for traditional cakes can be used in this case. If you have a particularly “wet” or “smelly” blue cheese, you can place a sheet of wax paper between the layers to prevent tainting the other cheeses. All our cheeses come wrapped in wax paper which can be used for this, or we can pop some extra wax paper in your parcel if you’d like.

How do I cut and serve my cheese wedding cake?

Most wedding venues are experienced in handling cheese wedding cakes. We recommend that each cheese is cut in the same way that you would cut a traditional cake. You can display your cake in in tiers and allow guests to cut the cheese and serve themselves. This does risk the cheese becoming a bit messy, so I’d always recommend separating the layers out once you’ve officially cut the cake and place on boards for guests to help themselves. Alternatively, talk to your caterer and ask them to portion the cheese for you - this makes for easy serving.

What decorations should I use for my Cheese Wedding Cake?

Natural decorations complement the natural beauty of cheese perfectly. Rosemary and Lavender sprigs can be a really effective and simple design feature. Fresh fruits & berries can also add a touch of colour. If you'd like to match your wedding colours, you can tie ribbons around each tier, or ask your florist to create a small arrangement to sit on top of your cake. You can also go neutral with raffia ribbon and let the cheese do the talking, however take care to avoid a ribbon which may drop threads onto the cheese. Some couples like to add labels to each tier and add tealights to each tier or around the base.

Will the cheese be ok if it’s left out on display all day?

This really depends on the day. If it’s a hot Summer day, the cheese will get very warm and I’d recommend only bringing the cake out an hour before you wish to serve it. If it’s a cooler day and the cheese is out of direct sunlight, I’d say it would generally be fine to stay out on display. Hard cheeses will always stand up better to being out of refrigeration for longer periods of time, soft cheeses will inevitably go very soft and potentially runny if they get too warm. 

Create a Bespoke Cheese Wedding Cake 

Still have questions or keen to create a bespoke cheese wedding cake? We offer free cheese wedding cake consultancy in each of our cheese shops so pop into London or Bath. Or speak to a member of our head office team by calling 01451 823460


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