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Recipe for Truffle Brie

Treat yourself or give a unique cheese gift this Christmas with our Make Your Own Truffle Brie set. This collection of fine ingredients are combined to make one of the richest, most sumptuous and indulgent treats you will ever eat.  We have combined exceptional examples of the required cheeses and truffles to bring you an evocative taste of France.


How to Truffle a Brie

1. Take the Brillat Savarin and mash it in a bowl until creamy. You may want to remove the thin skin from the cheese first, for maximum smoothness.

2. Mix in (25g - 40g) of Minced Black Truffles with the Brillat (to taste), making sure to incorporate the oil and whip until there are no lumps. The truffle mix has a strong flavour, which only increases as the Brie is left so add your quantity of truffles according to your preference.



3. Take the Brie de Nangis and cut it through the centre horizontally so that you are left with two round discs.

4. Spread the Brillat Savarin over one of the halves, covering the creamy inside.



5. Take the other half of the Brie and place it face down on top of the truffles, as if making a sandwich.

Serve with Paxton's Champagne or Monbazillac to provide the perfect accompaniment.

Brie aux Truffes is best if eaten within four days from preparation.  If you do not want to use the whole Brie at once, it is possible to prepare a portion of the cheese at a time by simply cutting a wedge from it and using a smaller amount of the Brillat Savarin and truffles.

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