Tasting Delicious this July

Jazz Reeves is our Cheese Quality Manager. Based in our Cotswolds HQ, Jazz has the hard job of tasting our artisan cheese every day! 

The beauty of artisan cheese is that each batch can taste different due to its handmade nature. Jazz tastes the batches to ensure quality in taste, texture and aroma for our customers. 

Read on for Jazz' notes on her top picks from the current July batches... 

1. Lincolnshire Poacher


Jazz Says... 

 "Juicy, and meaty – this has been a consistently good batch of the cheese. A rich and savoury depth of flavour, and a great dense, almost alpine-like texture"

2. Gruyere Premier Cru

Jazz Says... 

"The flavours are milky, nutty and savoury with a pleasant, gentle saltiness.  The finish is nice and long."

3. Gubbeen 


Jazz Says...  

"Very meaty in flavour, with a prominent, burnt caramel flavour from the rind. The texture is smooth and melts in the mouth. Really moreish!"

4. Cote Hill Blue


Jazz Says... 

"Great texture, nice and broken down closer to the rind, with a fresh chalky line through the centre. The fresh, milky centre  balances out the earthy, slightly bitter outer paste and rind."



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