We often forget cheese is a natural product from our rich seasonal landscape, so like fruit and vegetables, there are cheeses in season for the best flavour and texture.

Eating seasonal cheese means there is always something new to discover at its best, unmatched by a mass produced out of season counterpart. Here's our choice for an in season hard cheese, soft cheese and blue cheese to try this Easter:

Hard Cheese - Wild Garlic Yarg

A Spring time version of the classic Cornish Yarg which is wrapped in wild garlic leaves creating fresh, clean spring flavours. A semi-hard cheese, deliciously creamy under the rind and slightly crumbly in the core, £6.75 per 250g Read more

Soft Cheese - Cerney

An attractive pyramid shaped cheese coated with an ash and sea salt mix.  It has a dense texture with a delicate citrus flavour, £11.00 per cheese  Read more

Blue Cheese - Perl Las

A superb Welsh blue cheese, golden in colour, with a creamy, gently salty taste that grows stronger with maturity, £6.25 per 250g Read more


How much cheese should I serve per person?

For cheese served after a main meal, we would recommend allowing each person about 80g of cheese.  So, for six people around 750g if cheese in total is a good amount.

If you are creating a cheeseboard to be served as a supper, opt for slightly more cheese per person, around 150g - 200g.

Three or four cheeses will be perfect on a cheeseboard - anymore and it is too much for the palate to savour.

Buy cheese from Paxton & Whitfield

If you need help or further information, simply pop into your nearest Paxton & Whitfield store.  If you are not nearby, don't worry, simply get in touch with one of our stores and speak to an expert Cheesemonger who will be happy to help you select a delicious selection of cheeses for your celebrations.  You can then place your order online and we will deliver direct to your home.