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Valentine's Cheese Gifts

Cheese Gifts & Artisan Cheese for Valentine's Day 

Browse our exclusive selection of artisan cheese for Valentine's Day - Featuring limited edition Valentine's cheese gifts and dine-at-home cheese feasts. Select your Valentine's delivery dates on the last page of checkout and add a free Paxton & Whitfield gift card. All of our parcels are packaged with sustainable, 100% sheep's wool insulation in a Paxton & Whitfield transit box for an impressive arrival. Get Free UK* Delivery when you spend over £40.

Valentine's Cheese Gift

Looking for the perfect Valentine's gift for your cheese lover? At the heart of our Valentine's Cheese collection for 2022 is a Baron Bigod Cheese Heart; this award-winning, handmade British soft cheese has been specially made into a heart and has been maturing to be in perfect condition to enjoy on Feb 14th. Perfectly paired with our delightful Poppy & Linseed Artisan Biscuits, decadent Charbonnel et Walker Champagne Truffles and even a bottle of our Cote de Duras half bottle of white.


Cheese for Dining at Home this Valentine's Day

Our cheesemongers have prepared a luxurious selection of cheese and fine foods to enjoy over Valentine's weekend. Supporting our small British artisan cheesemakers; this limited edition collection features Coeur De Neufchâtel Heart Shaped Cheese, the beautifully orange Sparkenhoe Red Leicester and handmade Langres from France. The Valentine's cheeses are perfectly paired with our Hand-baked Crackers, Beetroot & Horseradish Chutney, Bare Bones Chocolate and Paxton's half bottle of Champagne. 


Valentine's Cheese Recipe 

One of our favourite recipes for the winter months is the comforting Tartiflette. Follow our Tartiflette for Two recipe to create a Valentine's feast for dining at home. Made with our British Baronet cheese which is tasting particularly incredible at the moment. 

Our latest hand-made batch of Baronet was tested by our quality manager Jazz Reeves and her tasting notes were: 

"The texture is melty, soft and oozy and the paste has broken down throughout. The flavours from the rind are really deep and meaty, with an awesome funkiness. The paste is silky smooth, rich and really buttery with a hint of sweet cream. A great example of the cheese!"


Melting Cheese for Valentine's Day

Our favourite "date night" meal has to be Ogleshield (a British Raclette-style cheese), melted by candelight on our Raclette Heater. Using our free UK* delivery over £40, you can purchase the Raclette Heater and a 500g piece of Ogleshield cheese for a melted Valentine's Day cheese feast . 


Truffled Heart-Shaped Artisan Cheese

Coeur de Neufchâtel is said to be one of the oldest varieties of cheese from the Normandy region and is one of our most popular Valentine's Cheeses. This year, our Quality Manager Jazz will be truffling the cheese to create an extra special gift for your cheese-loving recipients this year. The finished truffled Coeur de Neufchâtel is rich and indulgent, with a heady truffle aroma and deeply satisfying umaminess. Shop our Valentine's Cheese and find your perfect gift.


So cheese lovers delight! Share the cheese love this Valentine's Day and enjoy some of the best examples of British and French artisinal cheese and accompaniments. 


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