Cheese of the Month - Wensleydale Blue

Wensleydale is an historic British cheese which was originally made by Cistercian monks of Wensleydale from 1150. The cheese made by the monks would have naturally ‘blued’ due to the conditions under which it was made & matured, .

Today, Wensleydale Blue is handmade using Wensleydale milk at The Wensleydale Creamery in the beautiful Yorkshire Dales. 


Blue mould spores (Penicillium roqueforti) are added to the milk during the cheese-making process and the cheese is lightly pressed, wrapped in muslin, and transferred to a dark, cool & moist maturing room. The cheesemakers turn the cheese regularly and after 1-2 weeks, they pierce the cheese to facilitate the blue mould development. 


 Try Wensleydale Blue cheese on a Summer salad dish, with sweet ales, medium red wines, or a lighter port. 

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