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Paxton & Whitfield Cheese Society always goes down a treat.


Give the perfect year-long gift

It’s not easy to find a stand-out gift for a food lover year after year, but membership of the Paxton & Whitfield Cheese Society always goes down a treat.

Gifting a friend or loved one a membership of the Paxton & Whitfield Cheese Society means they will receive four of the most delicious artisan cheeses, straight to their door, in perfect condition, every month.

How it works

Here at Paxton & Whitfield, we stock one of the best ranges of British and Continental cheeses and are always adding new varieties to our cheese counter and cut cheese collections.  When selecting cheeses to include in our Cheese Society packages, you’ll quickly discover that each month’s selection is carefully compiled to reflect the best of the season, comprising a delectable mix of traditional favourites and new, interesting varieties to enjoy.

It’s a great way for your friend or loved one to experience the very finest British and Continental artisan produce, and to sample cheeses they may never have hear of, let alone tasted, before.  No wonder the Paxton & Whitfield Cheese Society is one of our most popular cheese gifts

Cheese Society Options

There are four Cheese Society subscription packages:

  • Monthly - £35
  • Three-month membership - £105
  • Six-month membership - £210
  • 12-month membership - £420

This gives you complete flexibility, so you can choose the monthly or three-month membership or commit straight away to the longer-term six-month or 12-month membership.  Imagine how delightful it is to receive a cheese gift which lasts from one festive season to the next!

What’s included?

You can get a good idea of the range of cheeses we feature in our Cheese Society packages over on our blog where we publish a list the contents every month.

For example, in October, our Cheese Society members received an absolutely delicious combination of Abondance, Quickies Traditional Goats cheese, Finn and Perail des Cabasses. 

In August, the selection was a perfect late summer mix of Lincolnshire Smoked Poacher, Carboncino, Cooleeney and Bleu d’Auvergne, whereas in April, the selection represented the season with Eve, Cornish Gouda, Stichelton and Sparkenhoe Red Leicester. 

Find out more about the Paxton & Whitfield Cheese Society.