Paxtons Fondue Set for Two

Paxtons Fondue Set for Two

A stylish ceramic Fondue Set for two.

PLU 1221


Cheese fondue is a traditional dish originating in the French and Swiss Alps. The name fondue comes from the French word fondre meaning to melt. Cheese fondue is typically made with a mixture of hard alpine cheeses, white wine (essential for ensuring the fondue does not split), garlic, kirsch and spices. It is usually served with chunks of bread to dip in the molten cheese, and of course, more wine.

A delicious cheese fondue is the ultimate romantic dinner for two.

This fondue set contains a grey ceramic fondue pot, featuring the Paxton & Whitfield logo in white, two forks, a wooden base and one tealight.

It measures 9cm in diameter.

Make your indulgent cheese fondue on the hob in a separate pan, carefully transfer to the pot and keep it warm at the table using the tealight.